Decanter of endless water

Decanter of endless water

The Decanter of endless water is a stoppered flask, ordinary looking that holds endless supply of water. Decanter of endless water may use for putting out a fire and for more uses. Decanter of endless water found in Drowned Nation. Because Decanter of endless water is a stopper ordinary-looking flask. An amount of freshwater and saltwater pours out when a command word spoke in an ordinary-looking flask. Other command words or separate command words determine its types as well its volume and velocity. As word “Stream” pours out 1 gallon per round. Word “Fountain” produces 5-foot-long stream at 5 gallons per round. And the word “Geyser” produces 20-foot-long, 1-foot-wide stream at 30 gallons per round.

Geyser decanter of endless water

Geyser can produce 30 gallons of water. This water geyser 30 feet long and 1 foot wide. And the holder may require 12 DC strength to avoid the knockdown each round and to effect round maintained. When you holding the decanter of endless water then you can see the geyser aim at the creature within 30 feet long.  When you shake the flask this stoppered flask which contains water its weight to 2 pounds. The geyser damage point is 1d4 but it deals and affects only one target per round. To stop the decanter of endless water geyser you must speak the command word. It’s more information is

Moderate transmutation;     CL 9th;

Craft Wondrous Item,          control water;

Price                                    9,000 gp;

Weight                                 2 lb.

Uses of the decanter of endless water

Decanter of endless water is used for free Glyve that is in Weeping Stone Catacombs. A woman named Nemelle knows that anyone how to unlock the decanter’s full potential. When you learning the command words the decanter can be unleashed Ignus that is may be recruited.

Glyve: It is a stone face which is found in the walls of a weeping stone catacomb. Decanter of endless water contain these materials. Everyone who wants to get these decanters of endless water should be lead by us. We recommend you the best decanter of endless water.  The spirits may look beautiful in the decanter of endless water. The mage punished Glyve binding their spirits along with the people and also senses the stones of catacombs. They left it to weep Sigils polluted water.

Problems of Decanter of endless water

  • It is everyone knows that if you have a thing benefits then you also have its problems. So there are many problems with the decanter of endless waters. If there is a hole in the floor then it is not a big problem but when the water goes into the floor then it ruins the whole one. It is not only pit traps, but if you contain a long time hole so you will become in the problem.
  • It is not mentioned that if you have an electrical thing then you must have its problems. If you have the geyser of decanter of endless water and it has some problems in it. It is based on its value and power and there must be some electrical traps. It is a DM-rule that “ everyone in the water takes the damage”. And if the water has some sinkhole or extra weight of water then it causes some sort of structural collapse.
  • To falling the prone of decanter of endless water you can throw something with cold power.
  • If you have the hole in it don’t have a pit in it. Instead of having the 10x10x10ft hole above the place of the corridor it may be concealed. When a hapless victim comes on the middle of the 10×10 square. And 10x10x10ft Jell. To solve it O-Doom shaped is dropped.

Solutions of the decanter

When the decanter of the endless pit may not covered by the illusion, but if the person once come in the problem then make sure he can rid of them. He knows the solution if not then we will provide you with the solution. A watertight floor will crumble or may move away. You can make it possible with these methods. Weight dependent, Pressure dependent, Magic- triggered

Weight dependent

You can solve the problem of the decanter of endless water when you know the weight. First, you activate the once its enough weight on top of the decanter of endless water. As doing this you can rid of this problem.

Pressure dependent

You can also solve the problem with the pressure dependent. You once crumble enough pressure of the decanter of endless water on any one spot of it. Pressure is much important for the solving problem.

Magic- triggered

This problem can solve only by the Wizard. You can solve any problem of the decanter of endless water. But for these solutions, you should keep in mind that only c0ntact with us and we provide you with all the solutions.

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