How to leave a comment

How to Leave a comment

In today’s present age, many people do not know about the leave a comment nor do they know how to make a comment on the website and what we should do on the website today, we will tell you how to leave a comment and its benefits. First, we will talk about the comments on the first side, do you remember The website, which is compatible with your site.

Leave a comment on related websites

I mean to say that if your website is related to sports then, you will only do comment  at the sports site, if do comment is on another topic. The site will have a bad effect and will not Rank. The leave a comment is a special part of the SEO and without this, you can not get the website rank.

Important things before leave a comment

While making Comment, you have to take a look at a few important things I want to tell you, every website’s posts are made of below 3 or 4 boxes. In the first box, we will write the name in the second box, we will write email ID and in the third box, we will put the website.

Original Comment

After that, we will write down the comment but keep in mind while doing a comment, your comment should be original and do not copy from any place. Write your 3 or 4 lines comment instead of writing a single line comment.

Fewer outbound links

While making a comment, it is important to take care of certain things that you should always do on a website based on your website, and the OBL must be less. Avoid making comments on websites that have High OBL and please do not comment on wine, casino, and escorts websites. These will badly effect on your website

Before leave a comment if you make these things mindful of mind, then you will definitely benefit from your work and your website will go up.

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